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Welcome to Red Desert Taxidermy
About Me and My Passion for Taxidermy: 

My name is Kyle Robinson and I have lived and hunted in Southern Utah all of my life.  When I am not at work or at home I am out in the beautiful mountains of Southern Utah enjoying everything that this area has to offer.  Whether I am scouting in the summer, hunting in the fall, or simply just taking in the scenery where the animals I love call home.  As a taxidermist I work hard on every detail to bring out the natural look that is unique to every animal.

Southern Utah is home to a wide range of trophy animals from massive mule deer to record breaking bull elk, and everything in between.  No matter what your hunting experience brings you rest assure that your mount will be nothing short of perfect.  It doesn't matter if it's your first hunt, or a hunt of a lifetime, admiring your animal the way it looked in it's natural state will be something you can always enjoy.

Here at Red Desert Taxidermy, we do more than just simply mounting animals.  We offer wall habitat for shoulder mounts, and exceptional wildlife scenes for your full body mounts.  Our rocks are hand crafted, lightweight, and are always one of a kind.   We work with extreme precision and use the highest quality materials to ensure that the excitement you had at the first site of your mount stays with you for years to come.

We will be adding a gallery soon, so check back often or email me to request pictures of my work.  We will also be adding a price list soon.  For now please CALL me for pricing and turn around time.  Some mounts can be done in as little as three months.  

Let me know what I can do for you!  I look forward to hearing from you.  Thanks again for your time, for your business, and I hope that you come back again! 

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